"You're very good at what you do.  Congratulations, go get 'em!  You look like you spend time and energy on it, and that's good.  Anybody who's got a laptop has a podcast right now, so it's nice to do ones that are done well and have an intention, and I think we need more of that in this world.  So, kudos, my friend." - Chris #2, Anti-Flag

"Jon, thank you very much for having me and having my band Vanheim. It was an absolute pleasure. I really liked your questions, so keep on going. I mean, your reaction videos were good. We liked them. I think you put them down too much, but this was absolutely fun. Thank you." - Mike Seidel, Vanaheim
"You ask good questions, I appreciate you." - Michael Priest, Idolatrous

"I'm enjoying the questions you're asking, they're not the usual questions I get.  It is very nice." - Niilo Sevänen, Insomnium

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